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Directory of KY Law Enforcement Leadership

KLE Magazine Issue 50, Summer 2014




Kentucky Officer Profile
Officer Argullin Photo Having played drums since he was 5 and recording his first album at the age of 11, this Florence police officer always dreamed he'd find a way to combine music and law enforcement. Go Here How to: Master Stress Management
Tai Chi Photo We hear conventional wisdom almost every day on how to handle stress and yet we don't use it. We've heard it so much that we are desensitized to the problem. I'm going to use a different approach and leave conventional wisdom behind. Go Here The Truth About Lying: What Investigators Need to Know
Detect Lying Photo The belief that it is relatively easy to catch a liar has been fueled by literature that often lists so-called secrets of nonverbal communication. Go Here Single Officer Patrol: Officer Survival Tip
Patrol Photo More often than not, law enforcement professionals patrol by themselves … alone … in their patrol vehicle. Go Here Constables in Kentucky
Constable Report Cover The first comprehensive evaluation of the office of constable since its creation in 1850. Go Here Kentucky's Most Wanted
KSP Logo View Kentucky State Police most wanted fugitives. Go Here Safety Tip
Below 100 Logo Each month we will share a safety tip from the 'Below 100' initiative. To see more, click the 'Below 100' link in the side bar. Go Here New Chiefs Visit this link for the updated list of new chiefs. Go Here

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KLEC Meeting Dates
KLEC Logo The Kentucky Law Enforcement Council meets quarterly to discuss issues that affect law enforcement across the state. Go Here Blue Knights Memorial Ride
Blue Knights Photo The 10th annual Blue Knights Memorial motorcycle ride will be Aug. 16, beginning in front of the Kentucky Law Enforcement Memorial monument at the Department of Criminal Justice Training. Go Here 2014 Annual KACP Training Conference
Kacp Conference Location Photo The annual Kentucky Association of Chiefs of Police Conference will be conducted July 27 to 31. Go Here 11th Annual Safe School and Communities Conference
School Sign Image The 11th Annual Safe Schools Conference will be held August 4-5 in Richmond. Go Here DOCJT Competition Shoot -- New Multi-Gun Format
Competition Shoot Photo The 23rd Annual DOCJT Competition Shoot will be held Saturday, September 13, 2014. Go Here Save the Date: KLEMF 5K Scheduled
Klemf 5k Photo The KLEMF has tentatively scheduled the Annual 5K Run for Saturday, October 18. Go Here KWLEN Annual Conference
Kwlen Conference Location Photo The Kentucky Women's Law Enforcement Network conference will be Nov. 12 to 14 at the Louisville Galt House. Go Here

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KLEDispatches occasionally provides notices or announcements of training offered or hosted by various agencies and private companies. An interested agency should inquire about the training prior to enrolling in any training announced herein. Unless noted otherwise, no certification, accreditation, or endorsement of training is intended or implied by inclusion in this document.

FREE Webinar for Sworn Law Enforcement Professionals
Evaw Webinar Photo This webinar is funded with an award from the Office on Violence Against Women, U.S. Department of Justice to provide technical assistance specifically for front-line law enforcement professionals. Go Here 2014 DOCJT Schedule Book
Schedule Book Cover The 2014 class schedule is now available.
Schedule Book: Go Here Free Training from RDPC
RDPC The Rural Domestic Preparedness Consortium is a DHS funded program providing training and resources to rural first responders. RDPC courses are offered both in-person and online, and are provided at no cost. Go Here

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Cruiser of the month Visit this link for the cruisers of the month. Go Here

New Cruiser Photos
Does you agency have a new police cruiser? We would like to see it. Please send us a photo of your new cruiser at to be previewed in an upcoming edition of KLEDispatches.

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App That Can Stop Killers in Our Classrooms
Hero 911 App What might happen if a teacher whose classroom is under attack by an active killer had the ability to press a button on their mobile phone that immediately summoned every cop within a 10-mile radius? Go Here Mobile Device Data in a Big Data World
Mobile Data Device Photo Mobile data is not just a part of the Big Data world, it is one of the largest contributors. Mobile device data, particularly smart devices, will contribute to approximately 8 zettabytes of data by 2015. Go Here

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Use of Force: Employing the TASER
Taser Photo What is the law within our Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals when it decides cases of qualified immunity? Go Here NBOME Synthetic Drug Falls Under Kentucky Law
nbome Photo In the last year, there have been a number of stories of a new drug referred to as NBOME which has been associated with overdose deaths around the country. Go Here KY Criminal Law Manual
Criminal Law Manual Cover Includes the most recent changes in law. Go Here Visit DOCJT Legal on the Web
DOCJT Logo Here you can find new Supreme Court cases, the Kentucky Criminal Law Manual, Open Records Decisions and new case laws. Go Here

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Florence Patch Photo
KLEDispatches wants to highlight your department's patch.
Please send us your patch in a high resolution jpg to
Upcoming Deadlines for Various Law Enforcement Grants
Writing Grant Photo Technology purchases can be made much more easily when they are integrated into a well-designed grant application.
Go Here

Go Back to the Top Waterfall Photo Photo by Heather Inich

Shots Around Kentucky
We are asking for law enforcement professionals to submit their favorite photos highlighting Kentucky. Sunrise, sunsets, landscapes, Kentucky wildlife or life in Kentucky. Submissions will be screened and the photo will be credited to you. Please send your photo to
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